C4667PW Multi touch monitor 46"

Tillverkare 3M
Artnr 98-0003-4107-7
  • Information
    • 60 finger multi-touch input with palm rejection capability enables engaging single and multiple user interaction
    • Fast 12-millisecond touch response creates a natural, intuitive and responsive interface
    • Anti-stiction surface enhances the user experience for simple and advanced gestures
    • Full HD resolution with fine pixel pitch maintains sharp image quality while performing up-close interactions
    • 60 Hz refresh rate keeps content crisp and clear while users interact
    • Ultra-wide viewing angle presents a brilliant image at any angle
    • LED backlights present a long lasting, bright, uniform image regardless of integrated orientation
    • Advanced thermal system to maintain comfortable touch screen temperature
    • Chemically-strengthened glass construction enables modern durable flat front surface designs
    • Fully integrated multi-touch display simplifies implementation of multi-touch into product portfolio
    The innovative 3M Multi-touch Display C4667PW features 3M's high-performance projected capacitive (PCAP) multi-touch technology, the same type of technology used in smart phone and tablet devices, to offer users a truly uncompromised touch experience. With more than 1,000 square inches of interactive surface area, this chassis display offers users over 30% more collaboration space than typical 40" displays. And, with up to 60 touch functionality with palm rejection the C4667PW chassis display is an ideal solution for interactive multi-user table applications. The C4667PW chassis display features a progressive industrial design inspired by modern consumer devices, so it is a smart fit for any commercial, professional or public use environment.

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