LEBA NoteBox Gamer Box to secure Gamer machines

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Tillverkare LEBA Innovation
  • Information
    • Designed to secure desktop computers
    • Suitable for most common types of ATX and IDX/mini towers
    • Secures cables at the rear
    • The lock on the front door secures the equipment
    • Ventilation holes to ensure cooling
    • Top holes for controlling the tower from the top if required
    • It is possible to mount on a wall or under a table
    NoteBox Gaming has been developed for the purpose of protecting and securing gaming machines or other expensive desktop computers.

    The special and unique cable-security doors ensure that you cannot take the cables out of the box. The key lock on the front also ensures that you can shut down, lock and safely leave your equipment.

    It is possible to mount the box either on a wall or under a table, depending on what your needs are.

    NoteBox Gaming is designed and developed specifically for desktop gaming computers at schools and institutions, focusing on making the equipment more secure.

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