LOGITECH Zone Wireless Bluetooth Headset

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Tillverkare Logitech
Artnr 981-000798
  • Information
    • Elevate your open office
    • Get focused, stay focused
    • Great for music and talking
    • Simple controls, easy to use
    • All-day comfort
    • Connect multiple devices
    • Full control with tune app
    Open workspaces are great for collaboration, but they can also be noisy. Take control of your acoustic environment with Zone Wireless, the Bluetooth headset specifically designed for busy workspaces. Connect it simultaneously to your smartphone and computer. Great for talking, immersive for music, and active noise cancellation for when you need to concentrate. Zone Wireless Plus gives you the ability to connect up to six Logitech unifying wireless peripherals through a single USB Unifying + Audio receiver.

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