USB Foot for RS28H 3 pedals incl. HID keyboard mo

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Tillverkare Olympus
Artnr V4521410E000
  • Information
    • Useful for versatile purposes
    • Dedicated tool for easy configuration
    The RS28H footswitch allows for hands-free control of Olympus software. Via the footswitch, Record, Playback, Stop, Fast Forward and Rewind of your dictation files can be controlled. Included as part of the AS-2400 Transcription Kit, when the RS28H is used with dedicated Olympus transcription software you are able to create business documents such as letters and reports, transcribe meeting minutes, and create memos effortlessly. The RS28H can also be used with third-party applications in both Windows and Mac environments. This is thanks to the footswitch including support for keyboard commands or shortcuts which can be set using a dedicated configuration tool.

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